Chinese People’s Volunteer Army

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The Battle of Triangle Hill aka: Shangganling Campaign was a famous battle between the Chinese People's Volunteers Army (PAV) and the "United Nations Army" in Shangganling and its surrounding areas from October 14 to November 25, 1952. On October 14, 1952, the "United Nations Army" mobilized more than 60,000 troops, more than 300 cannons, more than 170 tanks, and dispatched more than 3,000 aircraft to launch a fierce attack on the 3.7-square-kilometer Shangganling position defended by two companies of the Volunteer Army. , The Volunteer Army defensive troops resisted tenaciously, and their positions were lost and regained many times. The two sides then continued to increase troops and heavy weapons in the Shangganling area. The fierce battle continue until the end of November 25th, during the 43-day battle, the Volunteers and the "United Nations Army" repeatedly competed for positions 59 times, and the Volunteers repelled more than 900 charges of the "United Nations Army". In the end, the Volunteers Army held their positions and won the victory. The intensity of the Battle of Shangganling was unprecedented, especially the artillery firepower density, which had exceeded the highest level in World War II.  Soldier Story is keen to launch collectible action figure with military themes as the background. This year is the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Triangle Hill, we hereby carefully crafted this 1/6th scale Battle of Triangle Hill - Chinese People's Volunteer Army collectible action figure. The action body adopts the newest S6.0 Type A action body, with more than 38 movable joints all over the body, which can restore different postures of the human body. The clothing is based on the autumn/ winter uniform at that time. The tufted cotton military cap, cotton jacket, trousers, two-finger cotton gloves and half-length leather cotton shoes fully reflect the cold weather at that time. Among the weapons worth mentioning this time is a brand-new moulding DP-27 light machine gun, a foldable bipod, a detachable 47-round pan magazine (feeding device) and simulate real loading actions. Although the scale is in 1/6 but the details of the gun are also well restored. In order to restore the details of this gunner, it is equipped with a shoulder pad that needs to be worn when using the DP-28 light machine gun, the purpose of this shoulder pad is to reduce the recoil impact of the gun. In addition, the newly produced accessories also include RPG-43 anti-tank grenades, hand grenades during the Liberation War, porcelain bowls and chopsticks. A letter with weathering effect among the figure accessories restores the details of the difficult conditions of the volunteer army at that time. It is also including deluxe action figure stand with an exclusive bronzing effect nameplate. We tried our best to restore this Chinese People's Volunteers Army collectible action figure in various details and the weapons during the battle of Triangle War.
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  • Soldier Story proudly presents 1/6th Scale Battle of Triangle Collectible Action Figure

    Product no. #SS-127


    Life-like Chinese Peoples Volunteer Army headsculpt


    Brand new S6.0 A type action body

    Weapon bare hand (1 pair)

    Relax bare hand (1 pair)

    Bare feet (1 Pair)



    Winter hat

    Winter padded combat jacket

    Winter padded combat pants

    Straight collar white shirt

    Shoulder pad (for machine gunner)

    Winter combat boots (1 pair)



    Winter gloves x 1 pair (two-finger gloves)

    Leather belt (brass buckle)

    DP-27 magazine pouch

    DP-27 cleaning kit pouch

    Shoulder pouch

    4-cell stick grenade pouch

    Canteen (metal)

    Porcelain bowl (plastic)


    Army shovel (metal)



    DP-27 light machine gun

    47rd 7.62 pan magazine x 2

    Liberation War period stick grenade x 4 (plastic)

    RPG-43 HEAT shaped hand grenade

    M3 trench knife

    M8 scabbard


    1/6 Old war letter

    1/6 Old envelope



    Battle of Triangle Hill, 1952 deluxe figure stand

    Battle diorama paper sheet for figure stand

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