Naval Special Warfare Tier 1 Recon Sniper (GA 2) Collectible Action Figure

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The Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), often referred to as Seal Team 6, (GA-2)refer to Devgru Gold Squadron Alpha Team Recon Sniper, the team officially is tasked with the mission of developing new equipment and tactics for the general Navy SEAL organization, which also includes nine unclassified teams. Unofficially, however, SEAL Team Six carries out some of the military’s riskiest missions, the ones considered too dangerous for conventional troops. They are primarily a counter-terrorism unit; involved in intelligence, counter-intelligence, investigative, and national security work. Soldier Story proudly presents new Tier 1(GA 2)collectible action figure in jungle operation, all weapons, camo uniforms / gears are to restore it in an accurate 1/6 scale proportion. The figure adopts S6.0 C type action body /w over 38 movable joints which can restore different combat postures. The figure comes in Tier 1 recon team member resembling a real head sculpture, which meticulously depicts the facial texture details and expressions of the characters. The figure equipped with an AOR2 Benny hat and a pair of tactical sunglasses; AOR2 Gen II combat shirt and AOR2 Gen III combat pants; A brown T-shirt with a gold team logo and a pair of GTX hiking boots. In addition to the standard national flag emblem in the team, AOR2 DEVGRU Gold Team Lion Velcro Embroidery patch, AOR2 DEVGRU Gold Team GA2 Call Sign Velcro Embroidery patch, YF4 Call Sign Velcro Embroidery patch and O+Blood Type Velcro Embroidery patch are also prepared for the patch setup on the Gold Team Recon sniper. The figure is equipped with a tactical belt that can be used with tactical pouches and accessories to recreate different combat scenarios. The weapon accessories come with an HK416D 14.5-inch recon rifle and an M32A1 grenade launcher. Soldier Story is committed to restoring the details of the weapon in 1:6 scale, both equipped with detachable magazines, scopes, and collapsible buttstock.
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  • #SS136 SOLDIER STORY 1/6th Naval Special Warfare Tier 1 Recon Sniper (GA 2) Collectible Action Figure



    Life-like Gold Squadron Recon Sniper headsculpt



    S6.0 Type-B full articulated action body (over 38 articulations)

    Weapon hand (1 Pair)

    Relax hand (left)

    Upper leg sleeve (1 Pair)

    Bare feet (1 Pair)



    DEVGRU logo brown T-shirt

    White inner vest

    AOR2 Gen 2 combat shirt

    Green elbow pad (1 pair)

    AOR2 Gen 3 combat pants

    Green airflex knee pad (1 pair)

    Rigger belt

    GTX Hiking boot (1 pair, sewing)



    AOR2 boonie hat

    Tactical sunglasses

    NVG skull lock head harness

    Manta strobe light

    Contour HD helmet camera

    L4 G24 NVG mount

    GPNVG18 4-tube NVG

    GPNVG18 lens cover (1 pair)

    NVG battery case

    NVG power cord

     LED light module (1 pair)

    AG1 battery x 4

    Lithium battery x 3

    Battery holder



    PRC148 10 pin maritime radio

    PRC152 tactical radio

    Radio extension cable x 2

    Radio antenna x 2

    Dominator II headset (/wo antenna)

    Dominator II PTT box

    PTT radio cable (5 pin)

    PTT radio cable (10 pin)



    Shemagh tactical scarf

    AOR2 6094A (Gen II) plate carrier

    AOR2 triple 5.56 magazine pouch

    AOR2 small utility pouch

    AOR2 weapon catch

    AOR2 silencer pouch

    AOR2 TSQ tourniquet

    AOR2 radio/ water bottle pouch

    AOR2 M67 grenade pouch

    AOR2 battle belt

    AOR2 double 9mm magazine pouch

    AOR2 M249 200rd pouch x 2

    AOR2 small blow out medical pouch

    AOR2 inverted M67 grenade pouch

    AOR2 jumpable assault backpack

    AOR2 prisoner blindfold

    AOR2 M18 smoke grenade pouch

    AOR2 drop leg pistol holster

    AOR2 GPS wrist pouch

    101 GPS

    QD safety lanyard (2 QD snap shackles)

    Black rubber band x 4

    Armor plate x 2

    Maker pen

    IR light stick x 3

    Bottled water

    M67 hand grenade x 2

    M18 smoke grenade (green)

    MK13MOD0 flash bang

    Tri-fold plastic handcuffs x 2

    Tactical belt knife

    Knife sheath

    Knife round rubber band

    Tactical watch

    Water bladder

    Drinking tube

    Tube cover

    Gloved weapon hand x 3



    HK416D 14.5recon rifle

    ACOG 4x32 rifle scope

    5.56 20rd steel magazine

    HK 5.56 30rd steel magazine x 4

    Sling mount


    Bipod elastic band

    HK weapon buttstock

    Weapon buttstock band

    SF 5.56 suppressor

    45degree offset rear sight

    45degree offset front sight

    M952 universal weapon light

    KAC foregrip /w remote switch band

    LA5PEQ laser pointer

    Laser pointer remote switch

    AOR2 two point weapon sling

    M32A1 multi-shot grenade launcher (6 shot grenade gun

    M32A1 collapsible buttstock

    Buttstock adaptor

    QD sling mount

    M2A1 reflex sight

    LA5PEQ laser pointer

    Laser pointer remote switch

    Grenade gun foregrip

    M433 HEDP 40mm grenade x 6

    Bungee weapon sling

    Weapon sling elastic band

    P226R 9mm pistol

    P226 9mm 15rd magazine x 4

    X300 weapon light /w band

    Evolution 9mm suppressor



    AOR2 DEVGRU gold squadron Lion embroidered velcro patch

    AOR2 DEVGRU gold squadron GA2 call sign embroidered velcro patch 

    YF 4 call sign embroidered velcro patch

    IR OD green U.S. flag velcro patch x 2

    O+ blood embroidered velcro patch

    Large full color U.S. embroidered velcro patch

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