SSE001 1/18th Scale EXO-Skeleton Armor Suit XO-01 Collectible Action Figure

CNY 980.00
Soldier Story proudly presents brand new 1/18th scale "Future Series" collectible Acton figure. The first product is EXO Exoskeleton armor suit XO-01, the main concept of this product is a power armor suit controlled by individual pilot in egg shaped cockpit combined with flexible hands and high mobility double feet. The XO-01 armored suit is designed with a four sided open egg shaped cockpit that allows the pilot to enter. The radar on the cockpit has an LED light effect, and when the armored suit is closed, there is an LED search light effect in front. The pilot seat back compartment is equipped with MP7 personal defense weapons. The XO-01 is equipped with an M134 7.62mm six-barrel rotary machine gun on its right hand and 1000 rounds of ammunition are supplied through a chain. On the left robotic arm is equipped with flexible and movable fingers. In addition, the XO-01 is equipped with a retractable satcom antenna on the back for long range communication. The entire XO-01 is painted in the desert color scheme with weathering effect of aging and war damage, as well as some mechanical warning label that are more realistic in military. In addition, some mechanical warning label have a UV light effect. XO-01 will also come with cell batteries. The female armor suit pilot is wearing a fire resistance flight suit, safety harness, an impact resistance communication helmet and equipped with MP7 personal defense weapons, the pilot has over 20 movable joints. The XO-01 was accompanied by two special forces soldiers during the battle. The first special forces soldier was equipped with a lntegrated visual augmentation helmet system, shoulder mounted aiming laser, MK16 5.56mm rifle/EGLM 40mm grenade launcher, G17 9mm pistol and gun lights. The soldier had over 25 movable joints. Another special forces sergeant is equipped with a head-up displays helmet and a gas mask, a shoulder mounted mini 4- tube launcher, a G36 5.56mm assault rifle with tactical accessories, a P226R 9mm pistol and a high-capacity magazine. The soldier has more than 25 movable joints.
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  • SSE001 1/18th Scale EXO-Skeleton Armor Suit XO-01 Collectible Action Figure



    XO-01 full articulated armor suit featuring:

    -  Over 25 moveable joins

    -  movable hatch, front and arms armor       sections to reproduce pilot boarding system

    - LED light-up control panel

    - LEF Light-up search light

    - Retractable satcom antenna

    - Rotatable machine gun

    - Flexible moveable fingers

    - Detachable ammo feed chute

    - UV light up effect

    - MP7 PDW store room



    Female pilot action figure (over 20 movable joins)

    Pilot helmet

    Fist hand (1 pair)

    Weapon hand

    Relax hand (l1 pair)

    MP7 PDW

    Spec-ops soldier action figure ( over 25 movable joins)

    Integrated Visual Augmentation helmet system

    Shoulder mount aiming laser

    MK16 5.56 rifle /w EGLM 40mm grenade launcher

    G17 9mm pistol /w light

    Spec-ops SGT officer action figure (0over 25 movable joins)

    Head-up displays helmet /w tactical gas mask

    Shoulder mount mini 4-tube launcher

    G36 5.56 assault rifle /w tactical accessories

    P226R 9mm pistol /w extended magazine



    AG1 battery cell x 3

    AG10 battery cell X 3

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