PUBG TAEGO “VENATOR” Collectible Action Figure

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"PUBG" is a PUBG  is a multiplayer battle royale game developed by PUBG Studios and published by Krafton. PUBG also regularly holds e-sports competitions around the world. PUBG launched the brand new 8x8 map called TAEGO after three years. Soldier Story proudly presents 1/6th scale collectible action figure under the new character skin called “Venator” from the TAEGO map!! Soldier Story deeply refers to the characters in the game and restores them according to the proportions. The rooted hair headsculpt to restore the sweet and cool short hair of the characters with golden highlights, this action figure adopts the new S1.0 female action body with more than 38 movable joints and seamless arms. The costumes of the figure are also restored with reference to the costumes in the TAEGO pass. There are iconic Venator short-sleeved student sailor tops, student skirts, tight stockings, and leather boots. In addition, it is also equipped with a lot of new equipment in the TAEGO map, such as a weathered vintage backpack, a pair of shoulder pouch and utility belt to restore the combat state in the game. In addition, the character also comes with new weapons and accessories, the most special is Vector .45 sub machine gun which is restored with reference of pink and purple Vector SMG skin in the TAEGO Pass. the figure is also equipped with an M416 assault rifle, a P1911 pistol and multiple magazines. Foregrip, front / rear sights, 4x scopes, Hologragic and other accessories are all detachable to your own preferences. This "Venator" collectible action figure is a perfect choice for collector and the people who loves PUBG!!
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  • #SSG-007 SOLDIER STORY 1/6th Scale PUBG TAEGO “VENATOR” Collectible Action Figure



    PUBG TAEGO “Venator” life-like headsculpt /w rooted hair



    S1.0 female full articulated action body (over 38 articulations)

    Seamless bendable arm



    Venator school sailor short sleeve shirt

    Venator school skirt

    Inner vest

    Inner pants

    Tight high stocking (1 Pair)

    Venator boot (1 Pair)



    Chain necklace (metal)

    Venator face mask

    Venator fingerless gloved weapon hand (1 Pair)

    Venator fingerless gloved grab hand (left hand)

    Shoulder pouch (1 Pair)

    Utility belt (black)

    Single 5.56 magazine pouch

    Knee pad (1 Pair)

    Stun grenade

    Smoke grenade

    Vintage backpack



    M416 rifle

    M416 front sight

    M416 rear sight

    Suppressor AR

    Angled foregrip

    6 x scope

    Extended magazine AR x 3

    2 point rifle sling

    Vector SMG @ Taego weapon skin color

    Flip-up front sight

    Flip-up rear sight

    Holographic sight

    Light grip

    Standard magazine SMG  

    Extended magazine SMG

    One point bungee sling

    P1911 pistol

    P1911 standard magazine



    TAEGO 8X8 map

    “TAEGO” warehouse backdrop



    Exclusive PUBG TAEGO action figure stand 

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